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    I published to SCORM 1.2 


    The only variable change I’m doing with reserved variables (so stuff other than tracking stuff through the course) is AICC_Lesson_Status (to “completed”) so I can know when users finished the course (basically it gets marked as completed when they load the last page of the training). 


    Thank you!

    Heather said:Hi all, I was looking through the forums for some help but most of the discussion in this is about Captivate and other fancy things that I’m not doing. My issue: This is my first Lectora course – I’m publishing it to SCORM/Web-Based and am uploading it to my Moodle instance at work. The problem is when I first enter the course as a user I get (at minimum) the following error: “LMSInitialize Error: General Exception”. That was all I was getting for a while but the last time I entered I got another error, too: that it couldn’t locate the API Adapter. ? Does ideas? I’ve tried re-publishing, etc. – but it still happens. Interestingly, the error happens in Chrome but not Firefox (at least, not in firefox the time I checked it) Any help most appreciated!! -Heather

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