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    Ben, thanks for the reply. Somehow between yesterday and today it fixed itself?! The only thing I did today that would’ve made a difference was that I cleared my browser cookies, temp files and history as well as I removed all unresolved issue images from the images folder. Once I did that it worked correctly. Does that make any sense; well maybe if I knew more about how these features could be affecting my course variables.Ben…I read in other posts that you have been working with creating a course completion certificates in Lectora for browswer publishes. Even though it prints in Portrait view couldn’t you create a certificate template image that was tall up to down? Then there’s the matter of rotating the text boxes for the Name, Date, etc. There is HTML/Javascript that can rotate these boxes if they are rendered as an image. Long story short, Lectora can rotate everything 90 degrees clockwise to get a landscape printout; well this is only theory I haven’t actually done it yet. I would have to settle for printing the headers/footers becuase it seems this can’t be disabled (well not without rolling up your sleeves).Has anyone actually tried this?

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