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    We’ve gotten many questions about support for the Oculus Quest. The Quest has been supported for quite a while, we’ve actually had many updates for it.

    The Quest is a bit different in that Oculus does not allow enterprise apps on the consumer store for the Quest, so you won’t be able to access it in the store like the other devices. Oculus has actually created an enterprise model for enterprise apps (, in which they charge differently for their devices. That is the supported way that Oculus would like you to use the device in an enterprise situation. Unfortunately, consumer versions of the Quest cannot be made to run in enterprise mode.

    We provide URL links to the Quest (and Go) enterprise apps that can be downloaded to the enterprise devices (they can also be side loaded on the consumer devices).

    These links are kept up to date with each build.

    If you have a consumer version of the Oculus Quest, you can side load the App on he device, however its not really an “end user” kind of thing. The App will appear in the “Unknown Sources” tab in the devices library. Instructions on how to do that can be found here:

    How To Sideload Apps And Games On Oculus Quest Or Oculus Go



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