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    No need to feel “duh” — none of us were born knowing Lectora (except maybe Ben Pitman )!Unfortunately, I still don’t understand your situation — the info you’re giving is still not specific enough. I don’t know what the vision is you’re trying for, nor do I know which object you set those properties for or the action(s?) on.Here’s an example of a response that would give us more to work with:”I have a video of two people fishing. As the first person reels in his line in the video and says “wow – that’s some striped bass!”, I want an enlarged picture of a striped bass to appear on the page, to the right of the video. Then when the person in the video removes the fish from his line and throws the fish back into the water, I want the picture of the bass to disappear. I set the property of the bass picture so that it’s not initially visible and it’s not set to Always on Top. I put an On Show action on the page to show the bass picture after a delay of 5 seconds and an On Show action on the page to hide the bass picture after a delay of 10 seconds.”In the example above, I now can really see exactly what effect the person is going for, which object they set the properties for, and which object (in the case, the page itself) they attached the actions to.If you can provide info a little more like that, I’ll be we can help you solve your problem! Laura

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