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    I have a 1009×662 results page (which is just a regular page that the course jumps to when done with the test). When I print in Firefox, it looks okay. In Chrome and Internet Explorer, the right side gets cut off. Any suggestions?

    I explored doing a narrower page for the results, but then it needs to open in a new window and I don’t know what to have in the background window and how to get back to the main course (at the original size).

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    Most browsers have a setting that scales the output to the printable page size when you print. It is one of the options when you open Print Preview under the File menu which in IE shows up when you press Alt key.

    You did not say but this sounds like your own personal custom results page, NOT a built-in results page from a test. If so you have several options.

    1. Leave the Results page where it is. You can just Exclude all the normal inherited objects and set the background image (if any) to something smaller. Then change the size of that page and reformat as needed. Copy your Back and Forward buttons and put them on the page where needed.

    2. Use a separate page. Not sure what you mean by “what to have in the background window”. This is your standard Popup Page. Put it in a chapter at the end of the course called Popups that people never get to. Then use a Display Page action.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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