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    I’m hoping someone here can help me see how I should accomplish this (I decided more detail was better, please excuse the length of the post):I’ve got a single lectora, but people with 4 different roles (Reader, Author, Manager, Mayor) will be taking various parts of it. The user selects their role on the 2nd page of the title, which establishes the “Role” variable.Chapter 1 – 2 pages everyone sees, then 4 separate sections (each 2 pages)- one for each roleChapter 2 – Readers, Authors, Managers, MayorsChapter 3 – Authors, Managers, MayorsChapter 4 – Mayors (and this chapter has 4 sections which the user can take in any order)Chapter 5 – ManagersChapter 6 – Readers, Authors, Managers, MayorsSo, I’m trying to figure out how to advance the progress bar so that the Readers (who go from Chapter 2 directly to 6) don’t have a progress bar that jumps from 25% done, to 100% done.These are the options I considered:4 different progress bars (one for each role). 4 actions (1 for each role) at the title level as on show, step progress bar and 4 actions for on show, show progress bar. I tried various ways of grouping the actions then run action group on show conditional upon role, or having 4 different ‘next’ buttons, with the stepping action on click on the next button. All of these options really slowed everything down, and the stepping didn’t appear to work properly.Variable-advance (I got this one from another post here about someone trying to do an advance based on completion of 13 activities in any order). I set a “Progress” variable on the 1st page of the title. Then each chapter has one action for each role, like this: on show add to Progress variable 2.25 conditional upon Role = Reader (the numbers vary by the role), and then an action at the title of “set progress VAR(Progress)”. But, what happens if the user goes back a page, and then forward again- each time a page is displayed, even it’s not forward action, won’t the progress bar advance?I was trying to figure out how I’d put in a progress bar based on scope, but it seems that it’s just available for a chapter, or the whole title, and I can’t say that the scope is Chapters 1, 2, and 6, for example.Can anyone help? Pretty pretty please…

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