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    I have converted a couple of course originally designed for Scorm 1.2 that have executed great via our LMS and within Lectora Publisher itself, however I have published these 2 course as an executable as well. When you run the executable file created neither one of the courses display anything, however I found out that via Windows Task Manager in Windows 7 that the courses are running. I have tried this a number of times, even re-published both courses, changed to a different computer, deleted each course and started with the original courses, converted the title option to Standard, checked for errors (none indicated) and re-published to executable, and I get the exact same problem. Either of the courses will not display anything yet Window Task Manager shows it is running. I’m at a lost. I have done this before with no problems. Have anyone else had this problem and can offer some insight into my problem.

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    Hmmm. Executable uses pretty much the same rendering engine as when you are in Preview mode. Does your course work when you Preview it?

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