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    Hi everybody,I’m quite new to Lectora, so this is probably a basic question for the more experienced users.I created a test section with several mc-questions. Then i put an action to the “forward”-button (goto next page), to “perform action only” if the question is “not empty”. This worked very well.Then i copied the whole test section to a title which already contains questions during the course. Of course Lectora changed the variable names of the newly added questions in the test. But it didn’t change the variable names in the corresponding conditions, so quite a lot of work is to be done to correct all these conditions.Is it possible to create a variable which is defined as “question on current page”, so that Lectora “performs action only” if the question on that page is not empty, instead of if question_0010 is not empty?Thanks a lotTim

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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