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     Yes, selecting the Title Manager Frame seems to have solved the problem.

    Would the same setting be required for other export options?

    Not even a Tech Note?

    2hawks said:First the basics: Lectora Enterprise 2008, SP2 OS: XP SP2 This Knowledge Check (KC) is 65pp, mixed content (80% multiple choice, T/F, and 1 drag n drop with 6 items to drop. Test requires an answer for all questions, but no response is selected for failure.) Somewhere starting around page 42 the error message, “You must answer all the questions to complete the test.” shows up. What I mean by >somewhere< , is that the error shows up on random pages. The error has showed as early as page 27, and as late as 62. There is nothing fancy in this KC. There are some questions that have long answers, and several with 6 correct out of 8 answers in multiple choice layout. Any ideas? We're starting to delete stuff to see what happens.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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