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    You need to have an action set to submit/process/score the test. This is often done with a button. Just set its on-click properties so it submits the score for the test in your title. This will modify the AICC_Score variable, which Lectora will automatically convert to SCORM 1.2 output as cmi.core.score.raw (this is what it will be in the SCORM data in the LMS).
    Hope this helps.  
    jme973 said:Hello, We’re developing some courses for a client that uses learn.com. I’ve never used learn.com and would appreciate ANY help! We’ll be publishing to SCORM 1.2. I know I need to add an action at the end of the course to set the status as complete. Do I need to add a separate action to report the score to the LMS as well. If so, what and where? Many thanks!!

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