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    Hello all,

    As I’m sure many of you are, we are receiving more and more requests for mobile eLearning content.

    My question is: can Lectora create responsive, mobile content?

    What I am hoping for is a solution similar to what we have with Adobe Captivate, where we can display content based on the size of the screen. Or, even something similar to what I would do with a responsive website (i.e. media queries).

    Is there an (relatively, at least) easy way to use Lectora to design content that will display correctly across all devices? Or is this not something that Lectora can do?



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    The “Captivate-like” responsiveness is the major feature of the next version of Lectora, coming out this autumn. The beta testing will begin very soon, I hear. I’m also sure Trivantis sales people will be thrilled to demo it for you right now.

    If you need a solution right now, you can design a course that fits any screen width very easily. It will not change layout or proportions, just zoom in/out to fill the screen. There’s a Lectora webinar coming up on 22nd that covers that: http://trivantis.com/how-luc-mobile-app-built-in-lectora-sergey-snegirev-branchtrack/july-22-130-pm

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