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    Go to the properties of your test, and click on the Content tab. Uncheck the “Retain answers to all questions between sessions”. If this does not do it all since they are still in the same session, at the “Failed” page, add an action…Name: ResetTestOn: ShowAction: Reset Test/SurveyTarget: [your quiz name or test name from dropdown]Let us know if this works… oh yeah – and welcome New Kid!Edited By: whorah on 2009-2-20 13:34:28

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    If the Max Attempts is set for each question and you do this same reset Test/Survey action logic on a failed quiz screen for example, I can not get the submit button to work properly when I reattempt the test.

    This is definitely a bug of Lectora v11 as I can see in the debug window all the relevant variables resetting but on screen the page locks up and can’t submit anymore. I can see my custom variables are not updating as usual when I enter the test with a fresh session.

    Also Chrome completely breaks when doing this.

    Seriously how much proper testing has been done with the product to make sure this works across various browsers with out FAIL!

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