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    First, are your Lectora test properties checked to “The published course will report Test/Survey Question Interactions to the LMS”?Next, make sure you’re looking in the right place of your LMS reports for this data because Lectora does generate the test data, know in SCORM-speak as CMI interactions.Here is what I pulled from a sample report for ONE multiple choice test question (SCORM 1.2). This first question in the sequence generates the 0 shown in the example, and other questions would follow suit with 1, 2, 3 and so on so they all have unique identifiers. Please note that the response data below would have shown the entire answer text, but we economize suspend data by making the question distractors a single character (D, in this example). In case you don’t know, Lectora by default passes the entire text string from the distractor.) We then add the actual distractors that the learner views as separate text boxes, so they minimize “overhead” of the suspend data.SCORM Variable and its associated SCORM Valuecmi.interactions.0.descriptionWhat is the correct choice?cmi.interactions.0.idQuestion_1_107_1213412529437cmi.interactions.0.correct_responses_patternDcmi.interaction.0.resultcorrectcmi.interactions.0.student_responseDcmi.interactions.0.time23:02:09cmi.interactions.0.typechoicecmi.interactions.0.weighting1I think this is self-explanatory, which addresses your issue of “human-legible text”. Hope this helps.

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