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    I am having an issue with a course and I can’t identify the problem. When published to the LMS, the course is very sluggish. I am developing it for another department in our company who wanted it work like a recorded powerpoint (even though I tried to convince him otherwise). So, each page has audio narrartion and there are some moving elements such as text and images. I understand the challenges of trying to time text or images to audio when published, but it is not the timing that is causing me issues, but the speed in which elements are being performed. There are some lag issues that I would expect. For example, the audio sometimes doesn’t start for 3-5 seconds. However, there are other elements like an image simply moving into the screen that goes so slowly that it is distracting. I even had some show actions that didn’t execute until 20-30 seconds after they were programed. I have never had this issue before. I have developed some pages which are very complicated and rely on multiple variables without any issues with response time. These actions are simple show text/image with added transitions and once published to the LMS it seems like the computer can barely process it.

    What is most odd about this course is after my first attempts to fix it didn’t work, I tried changing the compression settings on audio, video and images towards the higher end and it actually made the lag time worse. That made no sense to me because if the file size is smaller shouldn’t it take less time to load?

    Does anyone have a suggestion? Does this seem odd, or is it expected? Are there any settings I can try to make it run faster? Is there a way my course can be set to allow each page to pre-load? Does the mere presence of the audio narration make it difficult for the computer to process the other elements?

    Thank you for any help that you can provide.

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