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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve got some weird behaviour of my reports whilst using Tests in Lectora 12 and 16.

    I noticed it when we wanted to report answers to an LMS. The output looks like:


    Which is really strange. When I create a clean course with a test including to or so questions it looks correct and familiar to me:


    So when I did some research I just found out about this corrupt file issue, which would confirm my testing. As there has never been an professional answer to this particular problem it would be great to get some advice. Or may other people having the same issue.

    Kind regards,

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    Everything there does seem to look fine. The VarTriQA_nnnn variables are Question attempt counters, which must be persisted to ensure that a student only gets a set number of attempts on the specified question. I’m guessing in the first title that you show suspend data for there were some questions that had “max attempts” set.

    In any case, Suspend Data is not used for LMS reporting. Suspend data is the saved data area within an LMS used solely by the course itself, and not parsed or looked at by the LMS. Any reporting is done on the actual SCORM transactions that are sent to the LMS.

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