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    Hello negami:

    Here is a solution that works for me. Please note that as long as your IT department has windows Server this should work. I will put a working example of the CGI script on the Files section (titled: Email code) within this Forum.

    This asp code (or CGI program) called “emailresults.txt” should first be saved as “emailresults.asp”. You can open the file using notepad and then save with an .asp extension. There are comments within the file that should help your understanding.

    Next place the emailresults.asp file in the Test Properties under the Results tab. As such, by placing the code under the “Submit results to:” found within the Results tab, Lectora is telling the HTML code to submit the test results via this CGI program. Also add this same asp file to the Additional files tab found under “Title Properties”. You do not have to do anything else to run the code.

    In other words:

    In the Title Properties, under the Additional files tab, add the emailresults.asp file.

    Under the Test Properties, go to “Results” tab.

    Check the box: “Grade the test”

    Check the “Submit Test to CGI program” option with the Method “POST”.

    Submit results to: emailresults.asp

    Check the box: “Include all variable values in submission”

    Under the “Content” tab: (found in Test properties)

    Check the box: “Ensure that student answers all questions on the test”

    Check the box: “Retain answers to all questions between sessions”

    Remember that this CGI code is a server-side code, and if you try to run it on your computer you will get an error message saying, “Program could not submit this code”, and run the risk of getting the blue screen of death if running it on a Win XP machine. (I talk from experience.)

    Instead publish and transfer your HTML unto your web server and then test.

    Let us know how the testing went and if you have any questions.

    Best regards,


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