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    A client of mine is viewing content published as Web (html) and placed on a secure server. When they try and view the course the text, images and audio play bar do not appear. The audio also does not automatically start playing. They are using IE11. We have not been able to reproduce this issue. We are using Lectora Inspire 11.3.1.

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    Hey Josh!  My initial response was that it’s a server issue but I wanted to confirm with another colleague before responding. I hadn’t heard or seen this issue happening with Lectora 11 and IE 11 so it’s definitely out of the norm. She agreed with me as well so I would suggest asking the client (or their IT department) to confirm the MIME (media) type is setup properly for the course and related course material (definetly check the audio files).  Then to check reviewer permissions as they should at least have read access.

    Out of curiosity what file type is the audio in? MP3?

    You mentioned you were unable to reproduce the issue but we were wondering if you’ve tried uploading the course into Reviewlink?  If not, then I would do that before contacting the client. Since it’s a similar cloud/HTML experience it should give you an idea of what the client is seeing.  If all looks well in ReviewLink, then it’s most likely a server issue. If all does not look well, can you make me a reviewer (jennifer.valley@trivantis)?  I’ll be able to troubleshoot with you a little better and provide our development team with images.  With v11 you can access ReviewLink for free and if you have any questions we have documentation and videos on uploading and viewing courses in the Knowledge Base section of the Community.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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