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    In Lectora Online, I’ve added audio files to most pages in a course using the “Text to Speech” tool. Each audio file is added new (meaning, I’m not copying and pasting an existing one). When the course is published to ReviewLink, the audio that plays is NOT what it’s supposed to be.

    When I go back into the Lectora files and preview the page with the problem, I get the incorrect audio playing. When I edit the audio player, the text that appears is the correct text and when I Generate Audio, it creates the correct audio file.

    Anyone have issues with Lectora / RL randomly causing audio to play that’s different than what’s in the text driving it? This is frustrating from a developer POV AND a reviewer POV (they end up wasting a lot of review time with the comment, “VO incorrect, should be…”

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    Hi Jane,

    Sorry you are having problems with your title and Text to Speech.

    I’d like to help.

    I’ve been trying to reproduce the behavior you are describing but have not been able to do so yet.

    Can you add me as a reviewer in ReviewLink? My email address is jjones@elearningbrothers.com








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