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    @ssneg 63341 wrote:

    This is sadly not true with other tools either. The result is still rather far off from the original and requires fiddling with fonts, text position, colors, breaks, lists or animations on pretty much (wink) every slide. At least the last time I tried. So nobody is perfect (except companies like SlideShare who do a great job of converting PPT to HTML and that is one of the reasons why they were bought out for 9 figures).

    I had to go into every text box and adjust their size to be larger than the content. It really sucked having to do this and my impression was that Lectora was not an honest product because of this.

    I found 2 reasons for this issue:
    1. Any text box containing special characters that were unrecognized would cause this.
    2. PowerPoint padding of text boxes when set to less than 5px would cause this.

    I’ve since installed inspire and see the text boxes are treated differently and now display the + button when the text is overflowing the box. That just means you can see the issue in the IDE rather than during publish.
    I have not tried to import a PPT with inspire but would be interested to know if anyone else sees the same results of the 2 issues mentioned above.

    Best Regards,
    Dennis Hall

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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