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    For years I have used variables to build a customized feedback page to display test results to learners.
    Example: Two variables – varTotal and VarMsg might be used to display results on a success page. (Add feedback text to VarMsg when a question is wrong and Display VarMsg in textbox if varTotal is less than the total of correct questions desired) I’ve done this many times testing for whether questions are correct and modifying those two variables based on the test on a customized results page, ending up with a ton of actions to sift through when I need to troubleshoot.
    So I thought it would be much neater and easier to troubleshoot if I used the feeback on each question to modify the variables.The idea is to collect all of the feedback from every wrong question as the learner goes through the questions instead of having a bunch of actions to do it on the customized feedback page and it is all done in one neat place. However, if I try to do the same thing within the feedback of the question itself, it does not modify the variables.
    Example: with the question feedback enabled, instead of setting the feedback action to display a message, I set it to modify the desired variable. It does not seem to matter whether it is set to issue feedback Immediately or On Process Question.
    Any idea why it does not modify the variables?[ATTACH=CONFIG]625[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]626[/ATTACH]

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