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    James,Judy is right. I built a test page to show an image only when certain conditions are met, and . . .nothing.So, I went back to a few pages where I’ve used the multiple variables and conditions successfully, to see what might be going wrong. On the pages I built, there is a Next or forward arrow that will take you to the next page only if all conditions are met. I also include a little pop up text box that tells you you can’t proceed until you completed all tasks or whatever. The action to show the text box is attached to the forward arrow (not the page), so when the learner clicks it, Lectora must check the conditions first, as Judy describes.If your Continue button is visible to start, James, you can put an action on it to not progress until all items are selected. At least your variables and modify actions are already set up!Thanks for being persistent, Judy!Diane

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