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    I have a problem which I want to look on from every possible point of view:

    At the minute I am creating webbased training using Lectora. One course consists of several modules. Each modul is one “file”
    created by lectora.
    The modules are exported as SCORM courses. After uploading the courses to our platform (SITOS) everything works fine,
    except the loading of the modules and the test function in the end:

    1. If a learner opens a course, it needs more than 20 seconds before the course is loaded. We are also using content developed
    with other authoring tools which loads much faster.

    2. If a learner jumps from one module to the next, it also needs very long (more than 20s).

    3. After the Learner answered questions in the final test and clicks the results button to see his/her score it needs more than
    half a minute until anything happens. If a learner gets nervous and clicks twice nothing happens anymore.

    Did anyone have similar problems yet and has a hint for me now or even a solution?

    Thanks a lotm

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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