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    Thanks for the replies fellas… I am a bit disappointed in Trivantis for not preparing users a little better on this subject. A week of lost time can equate to quite a bit of money in salary when the past week is gone as if it never happened – not to mention employee morale at losing a project that was almost complete. I’ve been there before, so I think I felt worse for her than she did… We do complete our work on the local drive (C:/), as per Trivantis recommendation; however, this was not where the problem occurred. The all-too-frequent Lectora shutdowns and a computer-freeze is where the problem occurred…The software and the computer went into shutdown mode, but asked if the user wanted to save the file before the shutdown took place – she answered ‘yes.’When we reopened the title, Lectora prompted with the “unsaved data exists, update?” message. As would seem to make sense, she selected ‘yes.’Well, apparently, the temp file did not save all of the file and when the update took place, it replaced the existing file with what the temp file contained, which was only about 8 of the 40 pages that had been created.Since Lectora’s temp recreates the entire file from the ground up everytime, I feel this is where one of the shortcomings of the software exists. A temp file should not have the power to overwrite the entire file – it should update the changes since the last save.Contacting Lectora about this resulted in a response of “oh, no, you shouldn’t have updated the file after re-opening. Otherwise you would have had everything up to the most recent save.” Who the hell doesn’t update when your software tells you there is unsaved work?!?!We continue to work on the C:/ for development but now have a ‘backup copy’ saved to another location on the C:/, as well as daily copying the file to the network drive. Apparently, you can’t be too careful with this software.All in all, Lectora could/SHOULD do a better job of letting users know about the temp files and the issues users might encounter.

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