5 Trivantis Community Forum Best Practices

The Forum section is the most popular page on the Trivantis Community and for good reason. With over 2000 members, there is always someone available to help you work through issues, get feedback on a course, or just ask general eLearning questions. To get you started, here are some best practices to keep in mind while on the site.

Annnoucements (Trivantis news): https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/announcements/

Social Lounge (Make friends, network and connect with your fellow members): https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/social-lounge-2/

Lectora Online (Questions and answers or product suggestions): https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/lectora-online/

CenarioVR (Questions and answers or product suggestions): https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/cenariovr/

Lectora (Inspire tools questions and answers, Lectora questions and answers, product suggestions, LMS integration, tips and tricks, web accessibility): https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/lectora-2/

CourseMill (API, questions and answers or product suggestions): https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/coursemill-learning-management-system/

Be Nice!

You’ve probably heard this before, but the Internet is a scary place. With Internet bullying taking lives and the rise of the “troll” it’s important to remember we’re all humans. So be nice, avoid all caps, respect opinions, and try not to offend other members. In fact, remember to encourage a fellow Community member each time you visit the site.

Search First

To avoid duplicate efforts and competing threads, be sure to always search first for your content.  Sometimes the conversation was already started, and your insight might be enough to resolve the issue or shed light on a complicated problem. Plus, it could mean a quicker resolution. Use the Forum page with the Search feature to enter in keywords. Get in the habit early of searching first.

Include As Much Information As Possible

When posting a thread, be sure to include as much information as possible. The title can either leave people scratching their heads or jumping right into the conversation. Take the extra time to think of the best way to describe what you want to discuss. When entering in the description of your forum post, include the product and version you’re working in. Then include a description of the issue. Mention anything you’ve already tried to resolve the issue. Be sure to also include any specifications that you must adhere to. This can include your browser, LMS, SCORM or AICC setting, or other factors that could play in the development of eLearning. When possible, include an example screenshot. That way the responders have something to go off or use to help resolve the issue.

Here’s a template:

I’m using Lectora/Lectora Online/CenarioVR/CourseMill (version (#) when applicable). I’m experiencing (problem) when I (background). I’ve tried (troubleshooting attempts). I’m required to use (browser), (LMS), (Publish setting), or (Other Option). I’m including a screenshot/copy of my files for you to review. Can anyone help me?

Be Attentive

There’s nothing worse than asking a question and then not bothering to find out the answer. Be sure to keep checking back for follow-ups, files, and suggestions. There’s even a “Follow up on all replies via email” option to make sure you’re notified each time someone responds. If the issue was important enough to post, it’s important enough to return back to the site at least three more times. Don’t leave resolved issues just hanging out there or not acknowledge someone’s hard work. Going back to #1, say thank you and upvote the resolution that worked for you. This is a visual way to tell others the issue has a solution if they (#2) search first.

Don’t Spam!

No one wants to be spammed. Spamming activity is an offense which could get you removed from the site; no questions asked. So before posting that question in three different forums (two of which were probably not the right place), ask yourself if this behavior would be considered spam. If you see someone who is spamming the site, please report them immediately. From their profile, select the drop-down and choose Mark as Spammer.

Thanks for using the Trivantis Community! If you have any questions, just email us at community@trivantis.com.

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