Badges and Leaderboard

Badges are a great way to get to know the Trivantis Community and have some fun while you’re out here.  Review our list of standard badges (below) that you can start earning immediately after joining. We’ve also added a leaderboard which tracks the actions you have completed and the points associated (found in parenthesis after the badge name). Some actions are worth more than others. But you’re ultimate goal should be to beat the Community Manager!

Standard Badges

Trivantis Community Beginner (100): Register and activate your Community account if you’re new or log in if you’re an existing member. (If your computer is set up to remember your login information, you may need to log out and log back in to achieve this badge.)

Trivantis Community Intermediate (50): Watch the Community demonstration.

Trivantis Community Advanced (50): Comment on our Welcome to the Community post by introducing yourself.

Picture Perfect (50): Earn this badge by changing your profile avatar. For existing members, you may have to remove and replace your picture for this to register.

Profile Complete (50): Update your profile to include your name, company name, website, a quick biography, and social media links. For existing members, you may have to remove and replace your profile information for this to register.

Group Member (50): Earn this badge by joining a group. Our groups range from geographical location to general interest.

Group Moderator (100): Start and manage a Trivantis Community User Group

Wise Owl (100): To earn this badge, respond to a forum thread.

Curious George (50): To earn this badge, ask a question in the forums.

Friend Finder (50): Accept a new friend request.

Contest Entry (25): Submit an entry for a current or past contest.

Contest Winner (100): Win a current contest by being the most viewed and voted entry.

Lectora Beginner (50): Watch our Lectora 101 series.

Product Reviewer (100): 1. Submit a public review of Lectora, Lectora Online, CourseMill, and/or ReviewLink. (We suggest:,, or 2. Then email with a hyperlink to your review.

Testimonial Writer (100): Submit a testimonial to on how you’ve created inspiring eLearning with Lectora. Once the marketing team has verified and published your post, you’ll be awarded the badge.

Trivantis Community Contributor (50): Reply to five different forum posts.


Verified Member (50): Send an email to with your full name, company name, and license number to get verified.

Specialty Badges

We’ll also be handing out special badges to Community members who show continued support for our community or always lend a helping hand. You’ll also be able to easily see Partners, our Support team, and other valued members of the Trivantis team.

Trivantis Community Advocate (100)
Trivantis Community Junior Moderator (100)
Trivantis Partner (100)
Lectora Advisory Board (LAB) Member (200)
2014 Lectora User Conference Attendee (100)
2014 Lectora User Conference Speaker (100)
2015 Lectora User Conference Attendee (100)
2015 Lectora User Conference Speaker (100)
2016 Lectora User Conference Attendee (100)
2016 Lectora User Conference Speaker (100)
2017 Lectora User Conference Attendee (100)
2017 Lectora User Conference Speaker (100)
Trivantis Support

If you’re a business who’s interested in becoming a recognized partner please contact

View Badges

To view the badges you’ve earned head over to your profile and access the Achievements tab.

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  1. Profile photo of Laura Gillenwater
    Laura Gillenwater

    I’m confused…. When I look under my avatar on a post that I’ve made, it appears that I have 10 badges. So why aren’t I showing up on the leaderboard (ahead of those with only 9 of them)?

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley Post author

      I’m not sure 🙁 I’m going to pass this along to our development team to see if they can figure out what’s going on.

  2. Profile photo of Angela Miller
    Angela Miller

    Leaderboard is very motivating, especially when I see my co-worker has more badges than I have! If there are 14 (unless I miscounted) badges listed in the complete list above, how is it that there are folks on the leaderboard with more than that?

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley Post author

      You get one each time you participate in our Contest series either by entering and/or winning (next month’s topic will be announced tomorrow) 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Angela Miller
    Angela Miller

    So it’s extra incentive to participate in the contest. Good to know. Thanks for answering my question.

  4. Profile photo of Matthew Dyer
    Matthew Dyer

    I completed watching the Lectora 101 videos, but I haven’t received a badge for it. Sorry for the fuss, but you helped create this monster (must have all the badges).
    Thank you for the help.

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley Post author

      I’m glad to see you being so active @mdyer6171 I submitted a request to our development team to check out the Lectora Beginner badge since it wasn’t working for someone else. Hopefully, it get’s fixed soon. In the mean time, I’ll award you the badge manually.

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