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Lectora Inspire and Lectora Online users can easily create and import scenario-based exercises using the BranchTrack application. The projects you create download directly to your page. And when changes are needed, this fully integrated feature provides one-click, roundtrip editing capability. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to help get you started.

How do I access BranchTrack?

In Lectora Inspire, BranchTrack is accessible through the Media Library by opening the Inspire Tools tab.







In Lectora Online, BranchTrack is accessible through the Tools ribbon.

LO Tools

How do I connect my Lectora Inspire/Lectora Online with BranchTrack?

Access is automatically granted when you open BranchTrack.

Already have a BranchTrack account? Contact with your account information and license key for assistance.

How many simulations can I create for free?

Each user can create and host 5 simulations at one time.

Can I purchase additional slots?

Yes, to purchase additional slots, please visit the BranchTrack website or contact your Trivantis Sales Representative.

How do I create a simulation?

Select the New simulation button  new simulation to start building a simulation. For more information on customizing your project, please check out the BranchTrack website.

How do I import?

Once you’re happy with your simulation, select the Download & Insert button download and insert . This imports your simulation into your current page opened in Lectora as a web window.

Can I edit a simulation once it’s been placed into my course?

Yes, from the BranchTrack properties, select the Edit  Edit  icon.

Where can I get help?

The BranchTrack Help Center includes articles and videos on how to create, edit, and share your content:

You can also contact Trivantis Support with your technical questions.

Or submit a thread in the Inspire Tools Questions & Answers section of the forums.

What actions are associated with BranchTrack?

BranchTrack includes two new actions: Done Playing and Reset BranchTrack.

On Done Playing can be used to trigger an event once a simulation has been completed.

Reset BranchTrack resets the simulation.

For more information on variables, please visit the Lectora Inspire Information Center or Lectora Online Information Center.

What variables are associated with BranchTrack

BranchTrack includes two new variables: BT_Score_<Object Name> and BT_Path_<Object Name>.

For BranchTrack simulations, the score variable contains the score of the BranchTrack scenario, where <object name> is the name of the BranchTrack object. If the scenario has not yet been started or the scenario cannot be scored, the value is 0.

For BranchTrack simulations, the path variable contains the path (selections) through the BranchTrack scenario, where <object name> is the name of the BranchTrack object. The scenario path is identified as a colon-separated value, such as “:1:2:7:25:”

For more information on variables, please visit the Lectora Inspire Information Center or Lectora Online Information Center.

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  1. Jim Armstrong

    Can you copy a scenario to another course?

  2. Desiree L DePriest

    BranchTrack has completely corrupted in my Lectora, and it seems our simulation is gone. Not happy.

  3. Anne Kirkman

    How can I delete a branch track scenario that I don’t want to use?

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley

      Currently, there’s no way to delete a scenario. According to our partners over at BranchTrack, it’s coming soon. In the meantime, you can contact their support team ( about removing the scenario or upgrading your account to include more slots.

  4. Hannah

    How does translation work for branchtrack scenarios within Lectora? Does branchtrack text get included in a regular text export?

    1. Sergey

      No, BT text is not included with Lectora export. You’d need to create another copy of your BT project, translate it on BT and then insert into your translated Lectora course.

  5. Sarah Price

    Hi, we have 5 licences in my team, can you tell me if there is a cost to using the BranchTrack scenario-based simulations please?

    We have Lectora Inspire 17.

    Thank you

  6. Profile photo of approg

    I’m a bit lost with the “host 5 simulations at one time for free”.

    If I don’t want any hosted by BranchTrack can I create simulations limit-free?

    If I create a sample simulation, to see how it works within Lectora, and then subsequently delete the sample doesn’t that still count towards my limit of 5 simulations?

    1. Profile photo of Laura Silver
      Laura Silver

      If you don’t intend to have to revise or reopen a simulation in BranchTrack, you can delete it in BranchTrack once it’s been downloaded to your Lectora course, and it won’t count against the 5 hosted simulations.

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