With Lectora Inspire, you get a copy of Camtasia, a screen recording and video editing tool. With Camtasia you can easily create and edit professional-quality videos. Plus, record mobile video with TechSmith Fuse, a free mobile app.

To use Camtasia and Lectora together:

  1. Access Camtasia at any time within Lectora by navigating to the Tools menu and selecting Screen Recording.
  2. Select Record Screen and configure the settings in the Camtasia Recorder.
  3. When you are finished capturing video, select Save and Edit.
  4. Save your file to the appropriate location, and you can begin editing your video.
  5. Once you’re done, select Produce and Share to launch the Production Wizard.
  6. Select Lectora Output to save the video as a MP4 video file.
  7. From the Insert menu, select the Video drop down. From the drop down select From File and search for the file on your computer and select Ok to add it to your title.

Once Lectora Inspire is installed on your computer you can also access Snagit at any time by selecting it from your programs. 

Please note: Lectora 16 included Camtasia version 8 while Lectora 17 included Camtasia version 9.  Lectora 18 includes Camtasia 18. Select the correct link from the options below based on which version you are currently running. Camtasia 9 and 18 require a download of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 separate from your Lectora install.

Here are some short videos from TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia and Snagit, to help get you started:

Camtasia 9 & 18

Record, Edit, Share

Transitions, Annotations, & Behaviors

Animations & Effects

Editing Audio

Produce & Share


Camtasia 8

Record Your Screen

Manage Files and Projects

Camtasia Editor Tour

Use SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan

Basic Video Editing

Working With Callouts

Animate With Visual Properties

Produce and Share Your Video



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  1. Profile photo of Glenda van Graan
    Glenda van Graan

    I use Lectora 16 and use to have this. It now just suddenly not available anymore? Can anyone tell me why? It says the Program is not available when I click on the icon. Please Help

  2. Profile photo of Matthew Rovoll
    Matthew Rovoll

    Hi Jennifer! I currently have Lectora 18 and was wondering if it is possible to upgrade from Camtasia 18 to Camtasia 19? A client has a video that was created in Cam 19 but I can’t open and edit it in Cam 18. 🙁

  3. Profile photo of sheryl coggins
    sheryl coggins

    Hello Matthew, Lectora 18 supports Camtasia 18. Camtasia 19 is not an upgrade option at this time.

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