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Welcome to CenarioVR! This series of videos and articles will give you a brief introduction to the product, so you’ll get up and running as quickly as possible. Select the video or article title to be redirected (in a new window).

Welcome to CenarioVR – Video

Watch this video to learn how to create and distribute VR-based e-learning content with CenarioVR.

CenarioVR Quick Start Guide – PDF

This quick start guide describes some of the basic principles of and assists you in getting started with CenarioVR.

CenarioVR Getting Started – Video

This video guides you through creating a simple scenario. We’ll show how easy it is to create a scenario with two simple scenes. The scenes will contain hotspots that link to one another. Let’s get started!

Best Practices for Creating 360 Degree Video – Article

With the ever-increasing number of digital photos and videos being recorded these days, many of us have gained experience in framing and shooting media. However, the jump to immersive 360-degree media brings a whole new set of possibilities, challenges and things to keep in mind.

Navigating the CenarioVR Dashboard – Video

This is your creativity zone! Use the Scenario Editor to build an interactive, immersive, and effective scenario. Add scenes, provide interactivity, publish, and share. Let’s take a quick look at CenarioVR’s dashboard.

CenarioVR: Actions & Conditions Highlight – Article

You can add actions to give your scenario interactivity. To add an action, select the object of the action. Then select the Action button. Choose your action and objects from the drop-down.

Editing Info Cards and Question Cards Highlight – Article

When creating your scenario you have multiple options for adding objects to your scenes. For example hotspots, question cards, info cards, audio, images, and video. Info cards are text-based objects to share information with your learner and question cards is information that needs to be tested (graded or not). Both objects can be modified as needed to give it a particular look and feel.

Publishing Your Content to CenarioVR Live and Mobile – Video

Watch this video to learn how to publish and distribute your virtual reality e-learning scenarios to our global scenario repository CenarioVR Live and Mobile.

Publishing Your Content to the Web and to Learning Management Systems – Article

Once you are done building your scenario you can publish your material for viewing. From the Publish option, you can choose the visibility and output type for your scenario. This article guides you through the steps for publishing scenarios for the Web and for an LMS using the built-in HTML5, cmi5, xAPI, and SCORM format options. We’ll also show you how to import scenarios into a Learning Management System (LMS).

Placing Your CenarioVR Output in Lectora Online – Article

Sometimes it may be necessary to place your CenarioVR output in to an external source such as a web page or course. Let’s take a look at the placing your CenarioVR Output in Lectora Online.

Assign a Scenario – Article

After the content has been published you can assign it to an individual user or group.

CenarioVR Frequently Asked Questions – Web page

Answers to your frequently asked questions about CenarioVR.

Resetting Your CenarioVR Password – Article

You can view and manage your account settings, depending on your authorization. This is an administrator control. If you are authorized, you can change your avatar, name, email address, and password.

CenarioVR Technical Specifications (Tech Specs) – Web page

Learn what you need to get started with CenarioVR.

CenarioVR Questions – Web page

Answers to your CenarioVR questions.

CenarioVR Forum – Trivantis Community

Engage with peers and Trivantis professionals as you ask question and offer suggestions on the next version of our product.

CenarioVR Plans – Web page

Learn about the plans available with CenarioVR.

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  1. Ann-Marie von Plomgren

    I’ve had a trial version of CenarioVR. Unfortunately, I did not go through all the features. Had too much job at that period. Is there a possibility to download a new trial version of CenarioVR? Can you give me another chance? 🙂

    Due to my company’s high security requirements, we do not use cloud-based services. We are completely forbidden to use it.
    Is CenarioVR just as a cloud-based version or is it possible to download the software locally on a computer or on any of our company’s servers?
    CenarioVR seems to be a very good software!!!
    Ann-Marie von Plomgren
    Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning AB
    BOX 1039
    SE-611 29 Nyköping

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