Chrome 80 will “Disallow synch XHR in page dismissal”

January 16, 2020 – updated February 3, 2020

Chrome 80 discussion link here

When the user clicks the close button on the internet browser window the course performs a final call to save progress, variables and completion data to the LMS.  This is a call to the LMS and is a common action of e-learning software. Chrome version 80+ will no longer allow the LMS to save data using the current typical method.  As a course administrator you may see that student progress, course variables, or completion status is lost when the student is using Chrome 80.  

Technically, the SCORM course calls APIs in an LMS’s SCORM Player to save course data. The LMS SCORM Player is responsible for ensuring data is saved to the LMS, not the SCORM content / course.  So IF the SCORM Player is using synchronous XHR requests (the Chrome 80 change) during page unload then the LMS needs to do something different.  Most LMS providers have used this method.

For AICC the course is responsible for sending data to the server. If you use Lectora read the Resolution section below.

LMS data recording of content published for xAPI, AICC, and SCORM, as well as, content running in CourseMill.

Customers will encounter this issue only when students: 1) are using Chrome browser version 80+ and 2) they close the course with the browser window’s Close button (usually the x).  

SCORM: LMS providers may need to modify their systems to ensure data is saved.  SCORM courseware will not have to change or be republished.  

AICC: Please use the most recent version of Lectora Inspire and Publisher version 18.2.2 or greater.  Lectora Online users, republish AICC titles that have not been published since February 3, 2020.  

xAPI: Most xAPI statements are sent when actions happen, if you are using cmi5 it might require some changes. We encourage authors to create exit buttons within the course and direct students to use these course exit buttons.

CourseMill: We are working on a resolution which will be in the next release of CourseMill.

Action required:
AICC: For AICC only, all AICC titles will need to be republished using updated versions of Lectora and Lectora Online.  As of February 3, 2020, the update has been applied to Lectora Online.  For Lectora 18 users, please use version 18.2.2 or greater.

SCORM: Inquire with your LMS provider if they have updated their LMSCommit() function to resolve the synchronous XHR request change in Chrome 80.  If they have implemented a change, then you should not have any further issues. If they have not implemented any change, then please use the alternative below.

If you have an old LMS running SCORM or cannot republish your AICC content, you might want to register with Google for a temporary exception for your LMS.  You can register here:

Suggested Workaround:
Users should be directed to 1) not close courses using the browser window close button or 2) use an alternative browser.


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