Contest 1: Show us Your Best Work

Introducing Trivantis Community Contests, a semi-monthly challenge where you can create inspiring and helpful content, and then share it with the Trivantis Community and it’s members.

The first theme is Show your best work!  We want you to share a course (either the whole thing or just a couple pages) that show off your skills. To participate upload your content on the Share New Contest page. Get the most downloads and you’ll be the winner! Each winner will be announced once the two week entry period has closed. Then share your awesomeness on social media,

Don’t forget to check out other people’s submissions on the Contest page.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering… why should I take the extra time to create something? In most cases the company you’re working for probably made you sign a nondisclosure agreement, or you’re bound by copyright which means that sharing anything or everything you create on a daily basis is out of the question. That’s not fair. You’ve put time and effort into each one. It’s time for the world to see what you offer.

The simple solution is to create a portfolio. A portfolio provides a real-life example of what you can do and who you are. It gives you the perfect chance to show off your Instructional Design, Graphic Design, Writing, and Technology skills. But the one thing that keeps most people from creating a dedicated space, like a blog or domain, is finding the time to start crafting something and maintaining it once complete. Shortly following that issue is another pretty big one. What in the world do I share?  Inspiration doesn’t always hit us at the right moment. But what you if had a series that you could use as inspiration to create something unique (hint: re-read the first paragraph). You can also try out that feature your company won’t use or design in a style that is unapologetically you.

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  1. Profile photo of Robert Bentzen
    Robert Bentzen

    Hey Jennifer, thanks for posting the info/clarity. My first thought was.. yeah, what could I even post (NDA) – but making my own might be interesting to do. Show off some of the talents I have. Good idea.
    But even further, how have people been showing off a portfolio piece when they do not have an LMS like environment?
    Could we put our work in the “Portfolio” and allow it to be shared to the outside world… what are others doing.

    BTW… going to now work on a piece to share.

  2. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley Post author

    Yay! Excited to see what you post! Your profile for the site is public so if you wanted to share content you can and are encouraged too. We wanted to create a place where people could openly share templates. However is someone on the outside wanted to download or comment on your content they’ll need to join the Community.

  3. Profile photo of Christine O'Malley
    Christine O'Malley

    Great idea! I’m sure I can pull something together to post – even if it’s not my ‘BEST’, for isn’t that ‘yet to come’?!, especially with Lectora 16! Thanks for challenge!

  4. Profile photo of Carol Dawson
    Carol Dawson

    I love a good challenge; thanks for creating a space for us to have fun and showcase our work. Onward and upward!

  5. Profile photo of rwalters

    I’m excited to see what others create, but I can’t share my work publicly as it belongs to my employer for in-house training. And I don’t have access to Lectora in off-work hours :(.

  6. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley Post author

    Bummer but I completely understand. It took me starting up a personal blog before I was comfortable and able to share content. That’s why we love the fact that you can share course content on the Community and get ideas on what to make with the contest series soo much! There’s always a free trial from your home computer 😉