Contest 12: Creative Uses for Radio Buttons and Checkboxes

The winner for Contest 10 is Andy Lockwood (@alockwood6897) with his Tabbed “Permanent Record” Resume entry. Please join me in congratulating Andy! Special thanks to our own Stephanie Ivec (@stephanie-ivec) for posting her inspired and funny resume as well.

Did you see our Lectora 16.2 release on Friday? If not, you can catch all the details here. One of my favorite new additions to Lectora desktop is the addition of over 20 new radio buttons and checkboxes, including ones that match existing themes and are sized larger for immediate use on mobile devices.

How will you get creative with the new radio buttons and checkboxes? One idea that came to mind when we first saw this new addition was easily blending in radio buttons into online forms. Another idea was using them as design features to enhance questions. How about creating an interactive map or mimicking an app?

To participate, upload your content on the Share New Contest page. Then share your magnificent entry on social media. Get the most views, and you’ll be the winner! Each winner will be announced once the entry period has closed. The winner earns bragging rights and a recognized example of awesomeness.

Don’t forget to check out other people’s submissions on the Contest page.

PS – At your request we’ve extended the deadline. Each contest now lasts a month. This way you’ll have enough time to participate. Contest 12 entries will be due by August 18, 2016.

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