Contest 17: Branch Out

In honor of Lectora® 17’s new integration with BranchTrack, we decided to focus on branching scenarios for Contest 17. Your challenge: create a short example of branched learning in Lectora using our newest Inspire Tool: BranchTrack.

If you don’t have the newest version of Lectora Inspire, you can download a free 30-day trial from our website. You can also use your own license of BranchTrack if you have one, or sign up for a trial with BranchTrack, and download your scenario as a Lectora Library object to put into BranchTrack. (Lectora Online users, check out this blog.)

PS— Congrats to last month’s winner, @struitt. Check out his winning course here. Good luck everyone–I can’t wait to see what you create! Entries are due by January 20, 2017.

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  1. Profile photo of Andy Lockwood
    Andy Lockwood

    I’ve run into an issue with my trial version of BranchTrack – or perhaps the issue is with my version of Lectora (16.1.2)… but BranchTrack will not allow trial users to download external packages.

    If anyone else runs into this, I have found a simple workaround: copy the embed link from BranchTrack and paste it into a Lectora Web Window.

    Now if I can just get people here at work to hustle a little faster on my BranchTrack license…

    1. Profile photo of Sergey Snegirev
      Sergey Snegirev

      Hi Andy,
      yes, trial users can embed their scenarios online and cannot download by default. But if you need to test the Lectora packages, just shoot an email to and we will enable the downloads for you.

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