Contest 2: Comic Book Courses

Congratulations to Elizabeth Dalton @edalton8468 with her Sharing Holiday Party Tips: Introvert Edition.  You’re the winner of Contest 1: Show Us Your Best Work!

Shout out to Andrew Chap @achap4340 for his First Go at RCD, Mark Duncan @KineoUK for showing us a Scrolling RCD example, and Annette Williams @amwdmw for her Social Media course.

The next contest will be centered on comic books! Comic books are a fun and interesting way to graphically show a course without having to use standard navigation, images, and sounds. That’s why we want you to build a course using a comic book theme. You can go all out or just include certain elements, like speech bubbles or an illustrated style of art. To participate, upload your content on the Share New Contest page. Get the most page views, and you’ll be the winner! Each winner will be announced once the two week entry period has closed. Then share your awesomeness on social media.

Don’t forget to check out other people’s submissions on the Contest page.

Here are some tips to get you started:


To keep content readable, stick with the two, three, or four block layout effect.



Use transitions to emphasize actions on the page. You can recreate a page turn by adding a page transition to wipe left.

page curl

Characters & Shapes

Use characters and shapes to tell your story. In Lectora you have 23 free characters to use (with additional characters available with an eLearning Brothers library subscription) and 56 shapes to help keep your development within the product.


Good luck! We look forward to seeing your entries.

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