Contest 3: Compliance

Congratulations to Math Notermans (@mnotermans5114) for winning the last contest with his ScrollMagic entry! Shout out to Struitt (@struitt) for his hilarious Diet Dr. Pepper entry and to Trivantis’s own Stephanie Ivec (@stephanie-ivec) for her LUC 2016 Speaker Proposal course (P.S. Have you submitted your proposal yet?  Go here for more information! If selected you get a free trip to LUC16) for submitting awesome entries.  I also posted my example course which you can check out here

Compliance courses have gotten a bad rap over the years. Just because something is required doesn’t mean it has to be stale, dated, and an overload of information. Instead, it should be energized, filled with just-in-time information, and most importantly, fun. This week’s contest is to take a standard compliance topic and turn it into a course so amazing that learners would want to shout their excitement from the rooftops.

Need inspiration… how about a ergonomics course? Check out OSHA’s Ergonomics resources for more information on the topic.

To participate, upload your content on the Share New Contest page. Be sure to promote your entry on social media, because the entry with the most downloads wins! Each winner will be announced once the two-week entry period has closed.

Don’t forget to check out other people’s submissions on the Contest page.

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