Contest 5: Mastering the Art of Branching

No winner will be announced for Contest 4 until May 9. If you haven’t already, go submit an entry today for a chance to win prizes and be featured at LUC 2016.

The next contest features mastering the art of branching! Take any subject you choose and create a course showing how you can make an interaction interesting, a simulation superb, and content creative.  How about a treasure hunt, making a perfect burger, cracking the code, or making it through a tricky maze? You could make a company decision map come to life or provide guidance in common conversations. When it comes to branching, it takes three simple steps to implement:

  1. Plan



  1. Add content


  1. Adjust navigation


To participate, upload your content on the Share New Contest page. Get the most views, and you’ll be the winner! Each winner will be announced once the two-week entry period has closed. Then share your magnificent on social media.

Don’t forget to check out other people’s submissions on the Contest page.

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