Custom Test Results

Lectora and Lectora Online allow you to show custom test results by determining the behavior of quizzes/tests including whether test results will be shown to the student. With the Results Designer, how results are displayed is completely customizable. You can choose what data to show, the order in which the data is presented, how the text is styled, and even embed images within the results.


If the Show Test Results and Use Customized Test Results checkboxes are enabled on the Results ribbon of the Test properties, a Test Results page is added to the bottom of the test in the Title Explorer.

You can specify properties relating to the content of your test results, such as whether to show the test score, the pass or fail status, and the questions answered both correctly and incorrectly. You can also add custom images, a horizontal rule, and separators. The information you choose to display will be displayed for all questions in the test.

The test results page content is generated dynamically based on the questions within your test and the test results content properties that you specify. When you add a new question to your test, the program will subsequently add the corresponding test results information to your test results page.

Use the Results Designer to specify the appearance of the test results, including the contents and format of the correct questions, the incorrect questions, and the unanswered questions, should you choose to include them. A preview of the test results page based on the current property settings is also displayed. For more information on the Results Designer please visit the Information Center:


Lectora Online

Please note: The Results Designer is new to Lectora Online as of version 3.1 and for Lectora Publisher/Inspire version 16.1. If the Results Designer encounters custom test results from a previous version, base properties will be set accordingly when you initially launch the Results Designer. The custom formatting applied to individual questions will not be retained.

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    Jennifer Valley

    There’s no audio to this clip. Instead you can read along with the text on the bottom of the screen.

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    Hi there,

    Despite having added the Student Name to the Test Results page, it won’t appear when I preview the course.

    Any ideas why it won’t show?