eLearning Brothers (eLB) Template Library, Cutout People, and Stock Asset Library

With Lectora Inspire, you get the eLearning Brothers Lectora Template Library, Cutout People Library, and Stock Asset Library! The Template Library includes games, interactions, scenarios, navigation players, and course starters that are built in Lectora and ready for your customization. The Cutout People Library includes thousands of character images. Each character has a transparent background and comes in multiple poses and emotions, making it easy to find just the right person to place into your course. The Stock Asset Library gives you access to over 2,000,000 stock images, audio clips, and video clips. All are 100% royalty-free and ready to be placed into your next eLearning project. Here are some short videos from eLearning Brothers to help you understand how to use items.

Templates, Course Starters, & Themes

Getting Started With Lectora Templates

How to Download and Extract Lectora Templates

Change the Animation/Transitions in the Lectora Templates

How to Optimize Your Lectora Templates for Branding

How to Use the Lectora Course Starter Template

Lectora Online Responsive Course Design Templates

Getting Started With Lectora Themes

Games, Interactions, & Scenarios

How to Change a Game Question in Lectora

Changing the Feedback

Changing the Point Value

Removing Questions

Getting Started With the eLB Lectora Interactions

Updating Visuals in the Lectora Interactions

Navigation Players

Using Lectora Layouts Inside of the eLearning Brothers Lectora Players

Cutout People Library

Using the New Cutout People Library Search in Lectora


You can also learn more by reading this blog post about frequently asked questions regarding the eLearning Brothers Tools.


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