Five New Badges!

We’ve added five more badges for you to earn! They’re easy to earn and a great addition to your profile.

  • Picture Perfect: Earn this badge by changing your profile avatar.
  • Profile Complete: Update your profile to include your name, company name, website, a quick biography, and social media links. 
  • Group Member: Earn this badge by joining a group.
  • Wise Owl: To earn this badge, respond to a forum thread.
  • Curious George: To earn this badge, ask a question in the forums.

To earn Picture Perfect and Profile Complete, access your profile, select your profile picture or name in the upper right hand corner, and select the Profile tab. Select edit to change or add your name, company name, website, biography, and social media links. To add or update your profile picture, select the Change Profile Photo option and upload, drag, or take a picture. Be sure to crop and save it!



UPDATE: Community members with preexisting profile pictures may have to re-upload the image in order to earn the Picture Perfect badge.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Remember that filling out your profile helps others recognize you on the site, provides alternative ways to contact you, and puts a face to a name. It also helps our Support team better assist you in the forums. Just like LinkedIn’s levels, you’ll earn two badges for filling out your information correctly.

Did you know we have groups? Join Trivantis product users from across the globe to speak about the current state of eLearning, development tips, and more. By joining a group today, you’ll earn the Group Member badge.


Being active on the forums can earn you two new badges. Are you a Curious George when it comes to Lectora, ReviewLink, or CourseMill? Come ask a question, and you’ll be rewarded with a shiny new badge.

Already got all the answers? Then use your knowledge to answer questions in the forums.  Once you do, you’ll be a Wise Owl.

Don’t forget–to view the badges you’ve earned, head over to your profile and access the Achievements tab.


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