How Lectora License Keys and Activation Work

Get an overview of how Lectora license keys, product activations, and phone activations work. There are different license keys for each major release of Lectora but the product activation process is the same.

Types of Lectora License Keys

Lectora v12, v16, & v17 License Keys
License keys for Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher version 12 and up (v12, v16, & v17) are easier to read than our previous license keys. Lectora Inspire license keys for these versions will always begin “LI12“, “LI16“, or “LI17“. And Lectora Publisher license keys will always begin “LP12“, “LP16“, or “LP17“. This makes it much clearer which of your keys are for Inspire and which are for Publisher: the “LI” for Lectora Inspire and the “LP” for Lectora Publisher. Lectora 12 and up license keys are 15-17 characters long.

Older versions of Lectora (v11, vX, v2009, etc)
Older versions of Lectora do not have indicators for Inspire or Publisher. The license keys for older versions of Lectora are 12-14 characters long.


The Lectora End User License Agreement (EULA) licenses each license key of Lectora for install on one computer for use by a single user. Click here to view the EULA. Please contact Support if you need to install Lectora on both your desktop and laptop or home computer and work computer. We can manually release a spot for an additional product activation.


Each Lectora license key starts with a single, open product activation available. When you install Lectora it will activate you as a user on that license key in our database.

When you uninstall Lectora it will contact our database and remove your product activation. Then your license key is open to be activated again. If you need to move Lectora to a new computer or employee, just uninstall to release the activation and then install on the new computer. Your computer will need to have internet access to complete the deactivation. Please contact Support if your computer does not have internet access or is blocked from contacting our server when you uninstall.

“Run as Administrator” and Windows Account Permissions
Microsoft Windows user account permissions can be configured many, many ways. If you have trouble installing Lectora or see an error that Limited Users are not permitted to activate the software, it may be that your user account doesn’t have access to finish the installation correctly. Even if you have administrator privileges they may not exactly match up with what’s needed. Lectora, Snagit, and Camtasia need access to parts of the Windows Registry to properly complete the install.

The quickest way to resolve this is to right-click the Lectora installer and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu. It may ask you to confirm the action or provide the administrator password. If Lectora is already installed, you can right-click the Lectora shortcut on your desktop and choose “Run as Administrator” if you are able to install Lectora but are blocked from activating it.

Error Message: The Maximum Number of Authorized Registrations for this serial number has been exceeded
If you see this error message when try to activate Lectora it means the software has been installed on another computer and all of the allowed activations are already in use. You will need to uninstall Lectora from the other computer before you can activate it on your computer.

Phone Activation
If your computer does not have access to the internet or Lectora is blocked from contacting our server to activate we can perform a phone activation instead. Please contact Support and we will arrange to complete the activation over the phone. Clicking the “Activate by phone” link at the bottom of the activation window will generate a “Request Key”. When you give your “Request Key” to Support we will give you back an “Authorization Key” that you can enter into the form. Lectora will generate a new “Request Key” each time it is launched.

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  1. Profile photo of Teufelskomet

    What is about Snap! and Empower. Both can’t be activatet actual, because the serers are closed.
    What to do?

    1. Profile photo of Trivantis Support
      Trivantis Support Post author

      Snap Empower is no longer available. But Snap! by Lectora is, and it can still be activated. It uses a different server.

  2. Sridhar Subramaniam


    I am an eLearning developer and I need to buy licences for my client as well. I would like to buy seven licences of which three would be shared with my clients. Is it possible? They would still be under my company name.

    Thanks and regards

    1. Profile photo of Lance C. Healy
      Lance C. Healy

      Hi Sridhar,

      I hope that you are doing well! Thanks for contacting us regarding purchase of Lectora! I will follow-up with you via e-mail regarding this request. Please let me know if I can offer any further assistance from this end.



      Lance C. Healy | Senior International Account Manager
      Direct Phone and Fax: 863-858-8605 |

  3. Thomas Voss

    So the Camtasia that comes with Lectora Inspire 17… is this just a “Trial Version”? I received a message saying that I needed to purchase to publish an existing video built in Camtasia.

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley

      No, you should get access to the full version of Camtasia. When you installed Lectora did you “Run as Administrator”? If not please do so. If you continue to have issues feel free to contact the Support team for further support.

      1. Lupe Vargas

        I have been waiting for Support to get back to me with resolution on why I can’t use my Camtasia with PPT from PPT for almost a year. We tried some fixes they suggested and nothing worked. At that point they said they would get back to me and never did.

        1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
          Jennifer Valley

          For direct support of Camtasia I would try contacting TechSmith. If it relates to how Lectora and Camtasia work together I might be able to assist. Can you explain the problem further?

  4. Brigit

    Hi there,

    I work for an eLearning company and need to purchase a licence for Lectora 12 on my machine. Are there Lectora 12 licences, and are they at different pricing than Lectora 17? Or is it just a standard licence to work across all versions?

    Thanks and regards,

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley

      It’s a standard license across all versions so the same price applies. Version 12 is currently still available. You’ll just need to make that clear to your account representative and they can get you access to the correct version of the product. I’ll notify your rep and you should get a follow up via email.

  5. Jimmy Fredriksson

    Which Registry keys do Lectora 17 write in that needs admin rights when finishing the registration?

  6. Profile photo of Mario Louw
    Mario Louw

    Good Day

    I would like to process an order online for my customer.
    Please advise if the license and download link I receive can be used to install,activate and register by my customer ?

    Will I be required to transfer or assign the license to my customer to use?


  7. Matty

    Is the price for Lectora Inspire ($2595) only for 1 year or is it a download and keep package?
    I’d like to buy it, but if this is an annual price, it’s pretty expensive.

  8. Kelly Chng

    If the license key is to be reinstalled on the same desktop due to system crash and message below is shown, and required to be manual reset of license key by Support is it covered by the Annual Support Plan?

    “Error Message: The Maximum Number of Authorized Registrations for this serial number has been exceeded”

  9. Vignesh Sivaraj

    Do we have any silent installation option for Lectora Inspire as we have to do this for multiple users within the organisation and we do have a site license?

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley

      Lectora does not have an unattended or silent installation method. An installation can be performed from the command line, utilizing the /s install switch, however, all prompts will still be displayed. License activation cannot be automated and will need to be completed manually. Please note that all installations and activations will write to folders and to the registry, so please be sure to ‘Run as Admin’ when launching the installer and the product for activation.
      Once the software activated, the user will not need Admin rights.

  10. Amy Garner

    Am I missing how to upgrade to Lectora 18 from 17. I have been given an 18 license key from submitting the form. Now what?

    1. Profile photo of Laura Silver
      Laura Silver

      Hi Amy – The email you receive with your Lectora 18 license key should also include a link to download the new version. You’ll need to download and install Lectora 18, and then use the new license key to register.

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