How to Attach External Documents to a Lectora Title

You can attach files to your Lectora title that are not natively supported by the program (for example, PDF files). Attaching external files enables you to publish them along with the course and all other imported resources. External files require that students have the corresponding application on their computers that will open the file. For example, if you have added a PDF as an attached file, opening the PDF will require the student to have PDF reader software installed on their computer.

To Add an Attachment:

In the Title Explorer, navigate to the page you want to add the attachment to. Then do one of the following:

  • Drag and drop the file or folder from windows directly onto the Lectora page.
    If the file is not a supported media type, the program will prompt you with a message asking if the file should be added as an additional file.
  • On the Insert ribbon, click Attachment from the Add More group.
    Attach External File or Folder
    Select whether to add a file or a folder. Navigate and select the appropriate file or folder. To create a hyperlink on the page, check the “Create hyperlink to attachment on page” option. To link to the attachment without importing it, check the “Link to attachment (imports at publish)” option. Then click Open.
    Add a Resource to the Title

The attachment is added to your title.

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