Lectora Live 18: Design Thinking Basics with Scott Barnett

Scott Barnett, VP of Marketing at Trivantis, shares the training he received years ago developed in Stanford about Design Thinking. Educate, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

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    I believe that the movie of which they are referencing around the eight minute mark is “The Doctor,” starring William Hurt, in which a successful doctor gets sick and experiences all of the indignities that a patient suffers. Hurt’s character has a change of heart due to his experiences. In “Regarding Henry,” starring Harrison Ford (also a good movie), Ford plays a lawyer who gets amnesia after a trauma, be he is not a doctor. Ford’s character, too, experiences a change of heart due to his experiences. The movies are similar in that way, which is probably why these two gentlemen confused them.

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    Zoa Bonofiglio

    I actually want to hear more from Scott. The interview would be more effective if he were given more talk time.

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