mLearning Mastery: How to Make eLearning for Every Device (Example Included!)

The mobile learning revolution has arrived. If you haven’t already started thinking about designing and developing your learning so that it looks good on different mobile devices, you will find yourself falling behind—but this free mLearning webinar with Joe Ganci, aka eLearningJoe, is here to help. Creating mobile-ready eLearning is easy if you have the right tool! Make sure that your tool doesn’t just shrink your learning down to the size of a mobile device, but that it gives you the ability to customize for both tablets and for smartphones, both in landscape and portrait modes, all in one file.

This is what responsive design is all about. You can see most commercial websites are now responsively designed. Using Lectora, you can also make your learning look perfect for each device. You don’t have to make copies of your lesson file for each type of device, and customize each one: therein lies madness! Every time you have to update your lesson, you’d have to update it in several different files. On the other hand, using responsive design, you end up with just one file to maintain. How beautiful is that?

In this session, Joe Ganci will help you:

  • Apply the right mobile learning strategy in your organization by illustrating the proper steps to take
  • Build responsively designed lessons by giving you the best tips and tricks to achieve the best mobile results
  • Customize an immersive and interactive Lectora sample, with source, that will look good both on desktop and in mobile, in portrait and landscape


Standard Hotel:

Responsive Hotel:

Apollo 11:

Mobile Tips:

Preview image
Associated files: Handout Design Tips

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  1. Profile photo of Angela "Angi" Lamkins
    Angela "Angi" Lamkins

    Am I the only 1 who cannot get this video to play?
    Also, do you have any mobile design tips when using variables for audio triggers? We discovered at work we can set-up a variable to play the “closing” audio clip after all the interaction activities have been clicked, but the same variable will NOT on a mobile device. Any insight to either questions would be fantastic. Thanks in advance!

  2. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    Sometimes the video is blocked by your firewall or other protective services. Hopefully adding the site to your safe sites list helps. As far as designing a mobile audio trigger the reason it’s not working is most likely to do with device and browser restrictions. The recent browsers restrict auto play because it causes an unfair spike in data useage. I think someone found a way around it in the forums. I’d try searching over at to see if anything comes up or pose the question out. Otherwise you have to trigger the action some how like with a button selection.

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