New Changes in Lectora Online 4.2

Another update happened to Lectora Online over the weekend. Included in this update is improved text functionality, new Responsive Course Design (RCD) features, bug fixes, and more.

New Text Changes

Updated symbol functionality on floating toolbar. Specific examples include:

  • Access to Undo/Redo
  • Access to Find
  • Added Insert Horizontal Line to the floating toolbar
  • Added Insert Special Character to the floating toolbar
  • Access to the Help documentation
  • Addition of a Line Spacing icon to the toolbar that will mirror the functionality found on List Properties

Text Editor

  • The text editor now includes the CodeCogs Equation Editor

  • Added HTML Editor which gives you the ability to directly edit the HTML of text blocks.

  • Added List Properties to floating toolbar with additional updates for better control of text indenting and list padding on bulleted and numbered lists.





New in RCD

You will see a slide switch now on each mobile view which can be used to enable or disable that view. You can work on each view by enabling the view in edit mode. If you are not yet ready to publish a view you can turn it off for publishing. Any disabled view will use its parent view when published. For example, if phone portrait is disabled then tablet portrait will be displayed, unless tablet portrait is disabled and then the desktop view will be displayed. The course content will scale to the device dimensions.

New for PowerPoint Importing

Importing PowerPoint content has been improved with enhancements to shapes, lines, and callouts recognition:

  • Supported PowerPoint Versions

To import PowerPoint content into Lectora Online, you must have PowerPoint 2007 or newer. (2010 or newer is recommended for the best results.) The PowerPoint presentation needs to be saved as a .pptx file. If you have older .ppt files, open them in PowerPoint and save them using the .pptx extension.

  • PowerPoint Slide Master

PowerPoint includes “master slides” and “layout” slides. This is similar to Lectora Online’s Themes and other title-level objects, typically inherited throughout the title. When PowerPoint content is imported, Lectora Online will convert these global elements to shapes, images, and text blocks as appropriate, and place them into groups at the title level.

  • Off-Slide/Paste Board Objects

PowerPoint objects that are completely off of the slide (i.e., on the paste board) will be imported to Lectora Online and remain off the working area of the page. Items which are placed partially on the page in PowerPoint, will be similarly placed in Lectora Online, and cropped upon publishing.

  • Shapes, Lines, and Callouts

PowerPoint shapes (including lines and callouts) are converted to Lectora Online’s shapes where an equivalent exists. This includes border styles and line widths, as well as Lectora Online’s adjustment handles for changing the angle of points and roundness of corners. Where a comparable Lectora Online shape does not exist for a PowerPoint shape, the import process will convert the shape to an image or text block, using the following rules:

  • PowerPoint shapes which have a corresponding Lectora Online shape are imported as shapes. This includes any text contained within the shape, a solid, dashed, or dotted border style, as well as the fill color and/or gradient.
  • PowerPoint shapes which do not contain text and do not have a corresponding Lectora Online shape are imported as images. This preserves the desired look of the item within the title.
  • PowerPoint shapes which contain text but do not have a corresponding Lectora Online shape are imported as text blocks. This allows you to copy/paste the text into a Lectora Online shape, or choose another display method (for example, layering the text block over an image).

For additional information and importing rules, please see the Importing PowerPoint document on our website.

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  1. Michael Crandall

    Umm…anyone else experiencing issues with loading exported HTML since this update? Edited or newly created titles, exported to HTML, will not load in Chrome or Safari. They work just fine in Firefox.

    1. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
      Jennifer Valley

      We haven’t heard anything come through support. Are you still experiencing the issue? If so, I would submit a support ticket.

      1. Michael Crandall

        I did actually submit a support ticket last week. And I am sorry to say the response I received was dismissive and unhelpful. As of right now, every title I have exported since this update will not work in Chrome or Safari. This includes a brand new, one page test title.

    2. Michael Crandall

      Update. I tried running a test title from a web server and it did work in Chrome. But the test title does not work when running in our LMS (or running locally).

      This is a problem for us since all of our Lectora titles are stored and launched from our LMS. Now if I have to make any updates the html will stop working.

  2. Profile photo of Andrew Gaudet
    Andrew Gaudet

    Thanks to your reports we were able to find an issue with local chrome and safari preview. We fixed this in our 4.2.1 maintenance release over the weekend. I was never able to reproduce it within the Scorm example. So if you could give that a try I would be grateful.

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