Optimizing Image Size in Lectora Online

To save space, you can select to reduce the file size of large images that you have added to your title. Enabling this option reduces the file size of your working title during development. The image is converted and saved to the largest size used within the title. This process is currently only available in Lectora Online.

(While this video is from a previous version of Lectora Online the process is still the same)

To optimize an image:

  1. On the Tools ribbon, click the Resources graphic in the Manage group.

Tools Resources

2. The Resource Manager window opens. To locate an image select the Image category by expanding [+] the resource category then select the image. Or use the Search tab, enter the search terms into the field and click the Search button. The resulting list is populated with the resources whose file names contain the search terms provided.

Resource Manager Images

3. Click Optimize size. The Optimize size dialog box opens, displaying the optimization statistics.

4. In the Optimize size dialog box, click Yes to confirm and continue with the optimizing process.

5. Click Close to close the Resource Manager.

Preview image

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  1. John

    I am using Lectora v16.2. I do not see the option to optimize the size of images. Would you know if the option is still available?

    1. Profile photo of Jack Gayler
      Jack Gayler

      A quick way of optimising images in Lectora Publisher is to open and edit the image in Snagit.

      When in Lectora, right click the image > edit, this opens it up in Snagit.

      From here go to the Image tab > Resize > Resize image.

      Set the minimum size and resolution required. A resolution of 72 DPI is ideal.

      After, save your changes and the image should automatically update in Lectora, you may need to click ‘Reset to original’ in the image position & size tab to see the changes.

      Hope this helps… if not, at least I got some typing exercise 🙂

  2. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    This option was released to Lectora Online users first but is coming to Lectora Publisher and Inspire soon.

  3. Profile photo of Math Notermans
    Math Notermans

    Check my article about optimizing images. Difference in quality and size in Kb using Lectora or the mentioned approach differs really. Quality improves and less size.

    One other thing you have to keep in mind whenever you use Lectora’s inline optimization is that it will mess up any fullscreen approach you might have setup. For example you have images at size 1920×1080 in your title…initially you show them in the title at just a quarter of that size… say 480 x 270. When you have some option in your title to see that page fullscreen, it will use the extra sized image to show that and you have a good quality image in your fullscreen view. If you however use Lectora’s optimization on that page, Lectora will assume you donot need that big image and resample it to 480×270 and thus resulting in a pixelated view of your image on fullscreen. So you better be quite aware where and when to use that option. In my view its best to optimize your image before importing into Lectora as shown in my article.

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