Pixlr for Lectora Online

Pixlr for Lectora Online lets you create and modify high-quality screen captures and images. This web-based program allows you to create then save, edit, and copy images (.png or .jpg) directly into your Lectora Online title. From within Pixlr, you can adjust the canvas or image, use layers, apply filters, or use the various tools provided to edit an image. To access Pixlr for Lectora Online, you have two options: launch it from the Tools ribbon or edit an image directly within Lectora Online.

Launching Pixlr

pixlr for lectora online








When you install Lectora Online, you can immediately start using Pixlr for Lectora Online by launching it from the Tools ribbon. This opens the application in a new web window. From the Start Screen, determine what type of image you want to create or edit. Start by determining if you want to create a new image, or open an image from anywhere on your system. Save the image locally and then insert into Lectora Online.

Editing an Image With Pixlr









From within Lectora Online, select the image you want to update. Navigate to the image’s Properties and select the Edit icon (green pencil) from the Image group. Alternatively, you can right-click on the image and select the Edit option. This opens Pixlr for Lectora Online in a new window. Make any of the necessary changes using the various options within the program. Once complete, save the image. All changes will now appear in Lectora Online once you return to the application.

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