Placing your CenarioVR Output in Lectora Online

Sometimes it may be necessary to place your CenarioVR output in to an external source such as a web page or course. Let’s take a look at the placing your CenarioVR Output in Lectora Online.

From CenarioVR

To begin select Scenario Settings and Publish then Publish.

Choose HTML5.and Publish.

From the packages menu, select the option to download.

From your computer

Locate the file and unzip it.

Rename the Index.html page (we suggest the name of our scenario).

Rezip the file.

From Lectora Online

Open the file you wish to work on and navigate to the Insert ribbon and choose Attachment>Folder (zipped).

Browse for the file and then select File Upload.

Again from Insert add a Web Window.

From the Window Source drop-down select Local Web-based content, for the file path enter in the name of your zipped folder/name of your first page of the course (the renamed index.html) then select Ok.

Place then web window and view it in Page Preview test.

Preview image

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