Scale Published Content

You have several options when determining how to scale published content.

As of version 18, this option is also available in Lectora Publisher and Inspire.

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  1. Profile photo of Holly Mazzeo
    Holly Mazzeo

    Great video. Are there any plans to have these Publish settings in Lectora Inspire/Desktop in the future?

  2. Profile photo of Nick Williams
    Nick Williams

    Has this feature been added to Inspire yet? I am aware of Approg’s version, however have Trivantis released their own version?

  3. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    As of 17.0.6, it is not. As far as I’m aware, Trivantis does plan on adding this feature to desktop in the near future still. Lately, we’ve been focusing on browser-based fixes and similar smaller scale issues.

  4. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    Hey Nick! We just released 17.1 which DOES include this feature. You can update now if your current on maintenance 🙂

  5. Profile photo of Ramsantosh CH
    Ramsantosh CH

    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for sharing the video tutorial. It was very helpful. I have licensed copy of lectora 17.1.3
    A great option “Scale content to fill window” was given in this update which doesn’t require to add the external code of fill width shared by John. Now it hassle free.

    But on the other side the option under “Scale content to fill window” > “Fit Content to Width” is not working as excepted. when i select this option and publish the course the output fits in width to size of my browser but it is not fitting the height. It is giving a scroll to check the rest of the content.

    I think when i resize my browser the output has to fit on both the sides (Width and Height). But i have requirement in one of the project that the output should fit the width and height of the browser even when it is resized. Right now i not able to achieve this. Can you please help me in fixing this issue.

    Your help will be really appreciated.


  6. Profile photo of Jennifer Valley
    Jennifer Valley

    Everything is working as designed. It was built to for longer pages to fit the width of the browser but allow for scrolling.
    Scale content to fill window does what they want but may not fill the entirety of window depending on the size of the content and the window because we maintain the ratio of your content

    You would have to have a custom javascript to do the same thing we do but ignore ratio and always fill both side.

  7. shan

    thank you for the above video.
    The “scale content to fit window” option is not highlighting and therefore I can not click on this as an option when publishing.
    why would this be?

  8. Profile photo of Anja Braun
    Anja Braun

    Thanks, Jennifer, for the video.

    I am struggling with a strange bug: as soon as I select “Disable browser resize of published content” in the publish options, the images of my title are not shown any more after publishing. No matter if I also select “scale content to fit window” option or not. In source code, the path to the image is missing, the ‘src’ is just empty ()

    Testet with different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE) on windows 7 with new Lectora Desktop v 18.1.2.

    I can reproduce this issue also with Title Templates included in Lectora, i.e. “Construction Site”.

    Any advise?
    Thank you!

  9. Profile photo of Anja Braun
    Anja Braun

    I just noticed that this occurs only with my title options as “resonsive title” – which I need necessarily.