Seamless Play & Lectora

When the Publish for Seamless Play option is selected, your title will smoothly flow from page to page, eliminating the screen wipe commonly associated with loading HTML pages. Additionally, media files will honor the Auto-Start selection on mobile devices, allowing simplified use of page narration and videos.

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    This is a really great feature. I can see it especially coming into its own when used with system simulations as it will make the whole thing much more seamless as you move from screen to screen.

    Just published a quick test with my current project though and the html output only seems to work on IE. In Chrome and Vivaldi it can’t load it properly and it just repeatedly and rapidly cycles between loading page 1 and 2 but is unable to load the content of either. Any thoughts about this?

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    Hi – how long does it take for a comment to get moderated/approved? Keen to hear a response about the issue described…

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