Share a Title

With Lectora Online, shared titles are kept in secure folders that you and your team manage. You can add and rename folders and designate which titles you want to share and with whom.

When you share a title, the users with whom you share the title can open, edit, and publish the title. You can designate levels of ownership of the title and apply or undo users’ changes to a checked-out title.

Additionally, you can share your title with external reviewers. An external reviewer can be anyone you want to review your title. They do not need to be members of your organization or existing Lectora Online users. Reviewers are granted free access to Lectora Online but are limited to viewing the title, adding notes within the title, viewing notes that others have added to the title, and previewing published pages. You can also specify when each reviewer’s access to the title should be revoked. Reviewers that you add will receive an email with instructions and temporary credentials to log on and get started.

Use the Version Control options to make sure titles are not overwritten. When you are ready to make changes to a shared title, you check out the title, add the changes, then check in the title. You can check out (and in) the entire title or a part of a title.

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