With Lectora Inspire, you get a copy of Snagit, a screen capture and image editing tool. With Snagit you can capture great-looking images and videos for your eLearning course. It’s easy to customize your screen captures with effects or the markup tools.

To capture an image using Snagit and insert it into Lectora:

1. Access Snagit at any time within Lectora by navigating to the Tools menu and selecting Screen Capture.

2. Select the Start New Capture button.

3. Using the cross hairs drag the area you want to capture. The cross hairs will also automatically lock onto the objects when it’s been moused over an area.

4. Select the Capture Image button.

5. From within SnagIt edit the image as needed.

6. Save your file to the appropriate location.

7. From the Insert menu, select the Image drop down. From the drop down, select From File and search for the file on your computer and select Ok to add it to your title.

Once Lectora Inspire is installed on your computer, you can also access Snagit at any time by selecting it from your programs. Snagit comes automatically setup to start capturing the screen when Print Screen is selected.

Please note: Lectora 12 and 16 included Snagit version 12 while Lectora 17 includes Snagit version 13. Select the correct link from the options below based on which version you are currently running. Snagit 13 requires a download of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 separate from your Lectora install.

To edit an existing image in your file using Snagit:

1. Select the image from within your title and do one of the following:

a) In the Title Explorer, double-click the image graphic, then click Edit Graphic in the Image group on the Properties ribbon.

b) In the Title Explorer, right-click the image graphic and select Edit.

c) In the Title Explorer, select the image and type Shift + Enter.

d) In the work area, double-click the image and click the Edit graphic in the Image group on the Properties ribbon.

e) In the work area, right-click the image and select Edit.

f) In the work area, select the image and type Shift + Enter.

2. The Snagit Editor will open. Edit the image in Snagit.

3. Save the image by accessing the File menu and selecting Save or entering Control + S on your keyboard. Please note that performing a Save As will disrupt the communication in between Lectora and Snagit, so you may have to re-associate the image file with your title.

4. Navigate back to Lectora and the updated image will appear. If the updated image doesn’t appear right away, refresh the page by navigating away from the page and then back again.

Here are some short videos from TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia and Snagit, to help get you started:

Snagit 12

Quickly Capture With Snagit 12

Add Callouts, Shapes, and Text to an Image

Selecting Objects and Areas for Editing

Cut, Trim, or Crop to Remove Part of an Image

Combining Images

Resize an Image

Snagit 13

Quickly Capture Your Screen

Basic Capture Editing

Working With the Canvas

Share Your Media

Intro to Video

Manage Your Files

Preview image

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